Banking & Financials

Digital Experience

Purplegrids platform is streamlining banking for millions of customers by instantly addressing their queries and facilitating transactions. The platform’s advanced natural language processing capabilities, banking specific AI models, and ability to integrate easily with the company’s core banking knowledge bases ensures that the virtual agent responds to queries intelligently and quickly.

Virtual Assistant
with built-in banking knowledge

Acount Management
with Virtual Agents

Check balances on checking, saving, and other accounts as well as Credit cards details such as available Credit, minimum payment, and Credit limit, Request a routing number for an account, including routing or swift numbers for wire transfers.


Get answers to frequently asked questions about the bank’s business, products and services queries related to banking & financial inquires, ATM / Branch Locator – Find the closest retail branches and ATMs.

    Enquiry Assistant

    Get transaction information based on multiple criteria, including amount, amount range (or above, or under), check number, date or date range, category, merchant, location, status, and more.

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    24X7 Customer Support

    Maintain deeper relationships with customers by providing 24X7 support,  2-way video communication and more. Your customers can put a face to a name - building greater customer satisfaction and loyalty in the process.

    Personalized Marketing

    Send personalized product promotions, surveys, new product announcements through Omnichannel broadcasting. The message when sent gets delivered to users in their respective channels.

    Improved Acquisition

    Purplecloud enables financial institutions to acquire more leads and increase online conversions. Banks are able to identify high-value website visitors, react to inbound communication requests, or proactively.

    Reinvent how to service customers

    We guarantees rapid delivery of quantifiable ROI, and our platform can be deployed in under 4 weeks. Through our unique deployment methodology and partnership framework, we ensure delivery of the outcomes that matter most for your organization.

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