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Explore the power,
of Unified Retail

Get ready to wow your customers by creating an online & in-store environment that consumers not only want, but rely on. Discover the capabilities of NewCloud solutions that optimize the shift to digital and accelerate your Digital Transformation.

Redefine Shopping Experience
with Retail Virtual Agents

Order Management
with Virtual Agents

NewCloud Conversational AI platform can makes AI-powered virtual assistants using which customers place orders on multiple channels, track their order status, stock availability, open tickets, and answer frequently asked questions. Our bots can even be used to send personalized promotions and offers based on past purchases and customer requests.

Curbside Pickup

Customers can launch the Retail Virtual Agents that can help assist customers to businesses after they place an order so that there’s no need for them to enter the building to get their purchase, it supports barcode to quickly scan to get it done.

    Digital Sales Assistant

    Deploy In-store Sales Assistant Chatbot as in-store tool to facilitate purchase decisions and alert floor staff when necessary. Chatbot can assist customers with general product information from a stock database, in-store location, or even prompt the user with current promotions and sales. Brands adopting chatbot to assist shoppers are informing lately better ROI of their chatbot efforts.

    Behavior Analytics

    NewCloud platform can analyze digital behaviors to provide unique metrics, visualizations, and automated recommendations every team can use to increase revenue, drive engagement, and fuel growth

    Omnichannel Broadcast

    Send product promotions, surveys, new product announcements through Omnichannel broadcasting. The message when sent gets delivered to users in their respective channels.


    Improve patient care,  streamline clinical workflows and automate routine healthcare services and reduce costs with Patient Service Robots. The platform support Pepper, Temi, Pudu robots instantly.

    Solution for all teams
    Marketing, Sales & Customer Support

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    The One Stop Solution that
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    We guarantees rapid delivery of quantifiable ROI, and our platform can be deployed in under 4 weeks. Through our unique deployment methodology and partnership framework, we ensure delivery of the outcomes that matter most for your organization.

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