Employee Experience (EX)

Better employee experience with
Purplecloud AI Platform

Increase your HR team's efficiency, simplify and automate admin processes, while delivering a better employee experience with Purplecloud AI-platform.

Transforming Employee Experiences
with HR Virtual Assistants

Recruitment Process

Our HR Virtual Assistant can help streamline the  recruitment process by automating candidate screening, appointments, interactions, and selection, through a modern conversational experience.


HR Virtual Assistants make onboarding a truly self-service process by automating interactions with employees through internal communication channels.

    Induction with
    Virtual Assistant

    AI Powered virtual assistants can transforming the induction process through automated training and engagement with new employees.

    Benefits & 

    Virtual assistants can guide employees, process data and send notifications, allowing HR managers to work more efficiently. Employees can easily view and download payslip and ask the assistant questions about their payslips.

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    Prebuilt Capabilities

    Prebuilt Integrations
    with required solutions

    Purplecloud connects with industry leading enterprises to streamline recruitment, hiring and onboarding at every step. The platform integrates all the necessary tools requires to automate every stage of your employee experience.


    Employees queries can be automated


    Employee Satisfaction Increase


    Decrease in Ticket resolution time


    Queries answered with Virtual Agents

    Advanced Case Management

    A Virtual agent powered automated case management solution that gives you the consistent, fully-repeatable process you need to guarantee fair treatment for every employee.

    Knowledge Base

    Create a centralized knowledge base of your company's policies, benefits & FAQ's so that employees can find the right information for all their queries instantly.

    Prebuilt Integrations

    Purplecloud comes with prebuilt connections to most of the HRMS and other service management tools. So as to to streamline recruitment, hiring and onboarding to be automated at every stage of your employee experience.

    Transform HR Services
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    We guarantees rapid delivery of quantifiable ROI, and our platform can be deployed in under 4 weeks. Through our unique deployment methodology and partnership framework, we ensure delivery of the outcomes that matter most for your organization.

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